Chlorine Allergy

Jump in the pool again! Derma Shield is trusted by swimmers with sensitive skin to prevent rash, irritation and the drying effects of chlorine and bromine in swimming pools.

A rash can spoil your enjoyment if you are one of the millions of people in the Canada who love swimming.

Apply Derma Shield as a pre swimming lotion to block chlorine and form a protective barrier on your skin preventing itch, rash and dry skin.

  • Scent free
  • Great for use before, during and after swimming
  • Protects and moisturizes

Restore the natural moisturizing oils that coat the outer layer of your skin with Derma Shield.

Derma Shield is a mousse lotion that can be applied to your skin before getting in the pool. If you suffer from eczema, skin allergies or any other condition worsened by exposure to chlorine then use Derma Shield.

Chlorine irritation or rash can cause your skin to become brittle. Brittle skin will not stretch as nature intended, instead it will start to split and crack in a very painful and embarrassing manner. If your skin becomes dry and then splits and cracks, not only will swimming exacerbate the skin problem, it will also open up your skin to other infections.

Swim again with confidence.

  • Stop pool rash
  • Prevent skin from smelling like chlorine
  • Reduce drying effects of chlorine

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