Wrestling & Sports Clubs

Take the right step today, and apply Derma Shield before every practice, training or competition.

Useful in many situations, Derma Shield works especially well in athletics like wrestling, boxing, martial arts and all contact sports.

Due to constant skin-to-skin contact in these sports, infections are common. Some are serious and contagious.

In order for Derma Shield to be most effective, it should be applied correctly and consistently to all external areas of the athlete‘s body from waist up including face, neck, shoulders, torso, back and arms.

  • Applies as a mousse
  • Wash resistant
  • Non-greasy
  • Prevent skin rashes and infections
  • Repel odors from sinking into your skin
  • One application lasts for 4 hours

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Chlorine Allergy Tattoo Aftercare Wrestling & Sports Clubs

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